Legend has it, Gail Green was born with a crayon in her hand!  

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By the time she entered formal studies in fine art at the Art Institute of Chicago, she had already transitioned to ink, pencil and water-based media. Her love for animals, however, remained and appear in many of her extensive art collections.  Gail’s trademarked brand "Sweet PETatoes” has appeared on wide variety of products in craft/hobby, pet, textile and gift.  

Gail creates entire art collections in a variety of styles & themes.  

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Illus SP kittyPup
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Gail creates pure magic in all her art styles--which range from traditional and realistic to contemporary and whimsical!

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For more information on how GGLDL can fulfill your product illustration needs, please contact Gail or her licensing agent Karen Hacker (TSB & Co) for more information.  

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